Hey, I’m Brett Story. I’m a software engineer working in the St. Louis area. I mostly use C#; however, I tend to think that software engineers can adapt to most languages. In my professional career, I’ve deployed WPF applications (and unfortunately one Silverlight application) that handled data management, scheduling, and network file transfers. As a hobbyist developer, I tend to enjoy things that provide a more dynamic challenge. Game development has always been a joy for me and I’ve even dabbled in some audio programming with VST plug-ins. My biggest project is Macabre2D: a 2D open source game engine that uses the MonoGame framework under the hood.

I also write and record music. I’ve had a lot of bands/monikers in the past, but my current project is Comet Overdrive. You can always expect punk with a splash of folk out of any music I put out, because I refuse to learn how to play my guitar or sing.

In an attempt to deter the “get yer politics out of my X” crowd, I’ll just say right here that I’m a democratic socialist and I inject those values into everything I do. Empathy should drive our decision making process more than profit. Democratic socialism is the political embodiment of that idea. Shout-out to the Democratic Socialists of America (of which I am a proud member).

On a less serious note, I’m a big fan of hockey. So happy to witness the Blues win their first Stanley Cup. I play a lot of video games. Just to give an idea of my favorite games, the top three are probably Morrowind, Half-Life 2, and Breath of the Wild. These days, I don’t always have the attention span for the modern open-world game, so I play a lot of shorter indie titles.

If you’ve got any questions for me, I’m active on twitter. Not really looking for commission work or short-term jobs. Got some medical problems that require health insurance, so things like game development and music shall remain hobbies for the time being. Doing something fun and silly like collaborating on a game jam could be cool, though!