I guess I’m officially starting up a blog/website. Been meaning to do this for a while (damn you, ADHD), but glad to finally get something out there. The brain-barrier to doing something like this gets a lot smaller once all the initial steps are out of the way. I’m using jekyll for this thing, which seems pretty dope. I’m a simple man, I don’t need a huge complicated behemoth of a website. Mostly just want a place I can journal up my thoughts and share my progress in a way that’s a bit more coherent than a twitter thread.

With that said, I guess I’ll give a quick rundown of what I’ve been working on lately.

As always, I’m working on my game engine Macabre2D. I cleaned up a lot of the UI code recently and my next step is to get some basic tile map editing working. I might put out a beta release once tile maps are in. Technically, you can make a game in Macabre2D right now. There’d be a lot of manual work, but you could do it.

I’ve also been writing music for Comet Overdrive. I have three tracks that I’m really into and a few fringe tracks that may or may not make the cut when all is said and done. Putting out a debut album is a little stressful (even though I know there’s no audience to judge me yet). It sets the tone for everything. I very explicitly started up a new project with a new name so that I could think very hard about the sound I want to put out there.

I’m also learning to draw. Not that I think I’ll be able to do art professionally, but I would love the ability to at least sketch out concept sprites for games I work on. There’s also a therapeutic element to sketching that I want to capture. Playing guitar and singing is therapeutic, but it’d also be rude to pop out my acoustic guitar at midnight and wake up my wife. So I guess sketching could fill that void? More to come on those adventures.

Been going through a large amount of indie games recently. Hollow Knight made me discover a love for metroidvanias I didn’t know I had. Might need to write up a blog post just for that at some point. Recently started playing Slay the Spire. It’s cool as hell so far. Glad I got past my initial hesitation on that one (I’m not usually a fan of card games).

And to finish it all up, I’ve been listening to a lot of Tim Barry recently. Here’s a damned good folk song courtesy of another punk singer gone folk: