The latest alpha release of Macabre2D is now available. The biggest changes are the ability for Macabre2D to be used by multiple platforms instead of just Windows. It follows .NET Standard 2.0. The source has been cleaned up considerably by removing submodules in favor of NuGet packages. Macabre2D.Framework can be found on NuGet here. The release can be found here. See below for a full list of changes!


  • Framework now uses a MonoGame PCL that can be used across multiple platforms.
  • Framework is now a .NET Standard project that should be portable across platforms.
  • Dialog for selecting an asset type or a component type now allows you to filter the available types by name.
  • NuGet package created.


  • UI tests separated out into their own project.
  • Submodules removed in favor of NuGet packages for both MonoGame and WpfInterop.
  • Ability to reload assets has been removed as it did not work and a solution may be too complicated.
    • Simply reload the editor if you need to reload assets.


  • Changing project name and startup scene trigger the project as having changes.